Foot Mobilisation Therapy


November 1, 2017| contagiouseditor

When I first graduated as a podiatrist, I wanted to make a real difference in helping people, to relieve their foot pain. I was so determined and passionate, as I had seen firsthand a family member suffering with long term debilitating foot pain and thought “there had to be something I could do”.

My university degree gave me a great understanding of how complex the feet are and just how much the feet impact the rest of the body.

I became very interested in foot function and posture, as I believe everyone has the right to good functioning feet and mobility. This is what led me to further training and development in the area of Foot Mobilisation Therapy. This new therapy allows me to provide foot pain relief to my patients who have tried almost everything, including orthotics!
So…What is Foot Mobilisation Therapy?

Foot Mobilisation is very effective in treating foot pain and is widely used by health professionals around the world to restore normal joint function and range of motion in the feet.
Joint restrictions in the feet can lead to joints shifting out of place, leading to increased pressure and stress through the joints.

The body has to then compensate for this displacement, leading to symptoms of pain, stiffness, arthritis and poor foot function. This can result in adaptations to walking style, which can lead to further complications such as, knee, hip and lower back strain.

Foot Mobilisation is used to release restrictions in the feet and lower limbs and allows the connective tissue to heal and repair to a more healthy functioning state, increasing mobility.

The ultimate goal of Foot Mobilisation Therapy is to correct these underlying joint and structural alignments, maintain mobility and improve strength, balance and foot posture.
How does Foot Mobilisation Therapy work?

• Frees up any joint stiffness, aiding the body in creating physiological changes to postural alignment.
• Restores neurological function of joint proprioceptors (balance).
• Increases the release of joint fluid/ lubrication between the joints.
• Stimulates the body’s ability to repair and restore itself.
• Strengthening, stretching and proprioception exercises are incorporated to ensure that changes made during the sessions are long lasting.

Who would benefit from Foot Mobilisation Therapy?

Anyone who is suffering foot pain and or stiffness.
This may include, but is not limited to;
 Arch Pain
 Ankle Sprains, pains and chronic Instability
 Achilles problems and calf pain
 Shin Splints
 Big toe joint pain and stiffness
 Bunions
 Foot cramps
 Hammer and clawed toes
 Heel Pain
 Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Spurs)
 Pain in balls of feet
 Morton’s Neuroma
 Patella and knee complaints

What Others Have to Say About Foot Mobilisation Therapy:

  • “After wearing orthotics for years and supportive footwear I was very limited in the types of shoes I could purchase, I avoided shoe shopping, as it was so disheartening.

I had suffered from plantar fasciitis on and off for years and at times I just wanted to cut my foot off it was so bad! I had tried everything, shock wave therapy, cortisone injections, ice bottle rolling, calf stretching… you name it I had tried it.

After seeing Monique for Foot Mobilisation Therapy I must admit I was sceptical, I though how could this work when nothing else had, but I was willing to give anything a go.

I am so glad it did! I still wear my orthotics at times but no longer heavily reliant on them. I can now wear other shoes without my orthotics pain free. I am extremely thankful and feel I am finally starting to get my life back”. Tony. F
I am so grateful to be able to provide such an effective treatment for my patients and make such a difference in their lives. I am a recognised member of the Australian Podiatry Association and Sports Medicine Australia and would love to be able to help you on your foot health journey!

By Monique Milne- Podiatrist