About Us

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Welcome to our hub of Wellness! What is Wellness you may ask yourself? Wellness to us is anything with a natural approach to your health that can assist you in becoming the best possible version of yourself.

We believe that Wellness comes from the inside out and are here to offer a variety of services to the bayside residents of Melbourne and beyondto help manage whichever area of you, mind or body, which may need guidance. Our purpose is to provide the most outstanding service by assisting and caring for you with all your health needs.
The Contagious Enthusiasm ‘hub’ is located in the beautiful beachside suburb of Hampton, Victoria and is your place where you can retreat to escape from the stress of your busy schedule or daily life and gain advice, relax, re-energise or rebalance yourself in order for you to function at your optimum feeling happy & healthy. The centre was opened in 2009 and is owned by Myotherapist Natalie Hartwig. Natalie has always had a passion for a natural approach to managing pain or health concerns and she firmly believes in a ‘team’ of people working together to help create and manage a person’s wellbeing. After working in a variety of clinics and always referring clients out, her dream was to one day have a place of her own where multi modalities combined forces under the one roof and worked with the same intention of offering the very best patient care, education and understanding.Her passion for a community feel and personalised approach has allowed the centre to grow from strength to strength over the years and is continually adding the best quality services and more space to house our wonderful clients.
So as your shoulders start to slump, fatigue sets in, you feel stressed and have no motivation to exercise or eat properly and as your mind and body start to suffer imagine walking into a tranquil space where greeted with enthusiasm, exciting you, for your Wellness journeyis about to begin. Herbal tea and fruit infused water is available to you as you browse the number of products that greet you in our comfy reception area. You willfeel instantly calm and at home as your senses detect a beautiful aroma of essential oils lingering in the background with gentle music playing to ease your thoughts. Your selected practitioner will guide you to one of our private treatment rooms and your treatment will begin allowing that time and space to be dedicated to you. As you make your way back out into that chaotic world you will leave feeling like a different person to the one that came in. You will look noticeably more relaxed and enthusiastic and ready to spread word…hence our name was born Contagious Enthusiasm.
We look forward to welcoming you soon…